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Last Minute.com

Specialists in Late Deals on Travel: - "Do More Good Stuff".

This is a clever idea that works well on the Internet, getting "late deals". LastMinute.com is probably the best known place for this. The idea is that travel companies would rather sell air tickets cheaply than to have planes flying with some empty seats. At the last minute it's a "buyers' market".

"lastminute.com is one of Europe's largest and most trusted e-commerce brands. ... a varied range of great value deals on flights, holidays, hotels, dynamic packages, car hire, entertainment tickets and gifts".

In addition to being able to book a flight, and a stay in a hotel, (at greatly reduced rates because of the "late" factor), you can also get "dynamic packaging", car hire, and stuff in the category of "lifestyle".

UK delivery onlyPlease be advised that flights & holidays have to depart from the UK and gifts & entertainment tickets are delivered to UK addresses only.

Hold the front page! Lastminute.com now offer a loans service - have a look as, it might help pay for your holiday!!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.lastminute.com/ affiliate program is with Commission Junction. Make sure you book your order online.

The idea behind Lastminute.com , that you can get bargains on late bookings, works very well for some things and not for others. I have heard it works best for short-haul trips and package holidays. Sometimes there are bargains to be had. It doesn't work so well for long-haul flights and one-way trips.