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Leaping Salmon!Leaping Salmon!

"Stress is for the other fish"

A Virtual Restaurant?! How can that work? Well, it DID! Leaping Salmon could provide you with gourmet food just about anywhere in the UK, and if you were in London they could deliver within half an hour!

Here were a few examples of the fare on offer...

Dinner for Two (from 15.90 for two) - the perfect idea for impressing a date and avoiding crowded restaurants, choose from our range of starters, main courses and desserts.

Pan-fried Ostrich Steaks with Celeriac Mash, Braised Scallions and Black Trompette Mushrooms in Chinese Black Vinegar 19.50 for two people.

Bonfire of Chicken.

Champagne and Truffles 24.95.

Dom Perignon 69.95

Gift Vouchers - the perfect gift, a gourmet dinner for two.

It was well worth a look, although being patient was a virtue as the site was a bit slow to load, but like the food it was worth waiting for!

www.leapingsalmon.com had their own website and an independent affiliate program, but this seems to have now gone! (2004/12). Thanks to Fyl at Thresher for telling me about this having gone. You may be interested to know that Thresher now stocks some of the items previously delivered by Leaping Salmon, especially in London. I wonder if Thresher will be having an affiliate program. That would be good, as it's a well-known name that could go on the Shopping Portal

2012: It would have been nice to have an affiliate program with Thresher, and they'd have been added to the page of companies invited to have an affiliate program, were it not for the fact that on 29 October 2009 it was announced that Thresher's (First Quench Retailing) had entered into administration. Brand names included Thresher's, The Local, Bottoms Up and Victoria Wine. (info adapted from on Wikipedia).

Threshers also hit the news on the page about Boston Town Bridge Foot, as there was a riot in Boston Lincolnshire, and the marauders pillaged Threshers wine shop in preference to breaking into the bank next door.