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Link Request

One of the most important things about the World Wide Web is that it is a well interlinked set of things. Websites don't thrive in isolation, but are interconnected via a set of well-made links. Ideally the Internet should be composed of a multitude of good websites which all link well to each other.

A typical "average" website consists of a small number of pages which don't link very well and almost never link to anyone else of much relevancy. In contrast, Zyra's website www.zyra.org.uk is a particularly good example of how to do it properly, because not only are there thousands of high quality pages which all link together very well indeed, but each of the pages typically provides a number of good quality links to highly relevant pages on other sites.

We like to add links at this site, even though it's actually quite difficult to keep up with the amount of work involved. If you know of a particular site that would add value to a specific page, please write in and tell us which page you think the link should be on. (Don't forget to mention the actual web address of the link!)

Zyra's website is spectacularly good for this by having a persistent deep linking policy, so that you can link TO any page that is relevant to your content with confidence that the link will still work, not only next month, but also next year! This is how websites should be, although it has been noticed that some well-known websites have not quite yet sussed this.

We can't guarantee being able to add a link to any particular site, various possible reasons including the vaporousness of that website, the browser-incompatibility of it, various other issues, and/or the total workload here which always appears to exceed the staffing level by at least 100%.

A special case of linking is where both sites decide that the other one is well worth linking to. This is known as reciprocal linking, but the whole idea has fallen into some disrepute because of bulk sending of reciprocal linking requests, automated link systems, and other problems associated with Search Engine Obfuscation and cheating. If you spot any sites in the sections titled "Reciprocal Links" which aren't honestly linking back to us as they promised, please tell us!

We like to give reciprocal links, and the best way to do this is to link to our pages if they are relevant to your content in the confidence they will remain there, then tell us where you've linked to us from, asking for a reciprocal link, and then apply the aforementioned extreme patience to give us a chance to return the compliment.

The best time to ask for a link is at a patient interval prior to the publishing of a new Issue of the site, but as no-one can be sure when a new Issue is about to be published, that is quite difficult to make a good guess on with any accuracy. A good substitute for this is putting in a link request and just being very patient!

e-mail here to suggest a link

OR, you can e-mail an address composed from the phrase "link-request" followed by @ followed by zyra.org.uk

To see the Zyra.org.uk link/description/banner see the intro page, and it's also worth looking at the page about linking with Zyra.org.uk

If you think that linking with Zyra's website is a good idea, how about also linking with the Stamp Demon add-a-link page as well?!