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This looks interesting. You can instantly enter your website into these people's links system. Sounds good. Incidentally, there is a referral scheme, so each page of it is personalised. Ie, the page you are about to link to next says "Hi my name is Zyra". I didn't compose that page - it's just the nice people at the company being friendly.

[this is where the banner was promising you "Instant submission of your website on <big number> directories"]

This has now gone!

I always advised caution and suggested that if you sign up to this, to make sure your e-mail was one useable from an Internet connection that you didn't have to pay for! When I signed up I got 152 e-mails on the first day and 108 on the second. Also, remember that although your site was supposed to be promoted, it will would be most likely to be on a long list with thousands of others. If you joined as a GOLD member (you pay), you had the ability to send e-mails to loads of people. But, those e-mails would be arriving with 151 others etc! Maybe these things aren't a problem. If not, you might have liked to JOIN!

Later update: Since I joined this I have found a few things out which I must bring to your attention: My position on the list (ie it is LINKS 2 U so you'd expect I'd be on the list), is after at least 14,000 others. Not surprisingly it can't be found! Also, the directories that you are submitted-to aren't directories where you can find things - they're just identical copies of the same thing. BUT, (and this is the interesting point), although my stat-tracking shows I haven't had a single visit to my site as a result of this (so it doesn't PROPERLY link to me how I'd expect), I have received 470 e-mails in a few days from loads of companies trying to sell me all sorts of stuff. The clever thing is that if you sign up as a GOLD member, you get the e-mail addresses of all the people like me who have signed up thinking they are going to get linked-to! What's more, I can't stop getting these spamlike e-mails unless I give up my account, and I don't suppose that would stop the stuff arriving anyway! Plus, I'm not allowed to change my e-mail to one that doesn't cost me money. That privilege is only allowed for GOLD members. So, if you want to get lists of e-mails of people silly enough to sign up to this sort of thing, get a GOLD membership for a few dollars!

Later note: I see in 2005/04, this has now closed. The reasons, we hear, were that some people considered the messages were spam. The people who ran the company always defended themselves saying it was not spam as the recipients had opted in. That's true, they had indeed opted in. However, it's my opinion that the promises which tempted people into signing up suggested their websites would be realistically linked-to, listed in directories, enjoy prosperity, etc, and the idea of being sent hundreds of messages (some of the "get rich quick" variety), was not mentioned so much!

People will argue about whether it's spam or not for a long time to come, but you can make your own mind up about it.

To sum up, this is no more. It's Bunged Up and will probably never return.