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Lombard Direct Loans

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A long time ago this page was created to promote Lombard Direct Loans. This was in 2005, when Lombard used to have an affiliate program to promote Lombard Direct Loans. The first paragraph of the page was an introduction as follows...

"If you need a loan and have the money to pay back the instalments, perhaps Lombard Direct Loans have the type of unsecured loan you are looking for. Have a read of their text below and see what's on offer".

...and then the rest of the page continued with a quote from the words of Lombard Direct which read as follows (remember, this is old historical material)...

Lombard Direct Loans:

"Why Choose a Lombard Direct Loan?

Rates reflect circumstances and loan amount.

The rate stays fixed so your monthly repayments stay the same.

You can repay your loan over 2 to 7 years, depending on the amount you borrow.

Your money will be sent straight to your bank account once your loan is approved.

There's no complicated paperwork and no administration fee.

You can apply online 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Play it safe with Loan Payment Protection:

If you can't work because of illness, accident or redundancy your loan repayments could be covered with our Loan Payment Protection Plan.

You can choose from three levels of protection, all with the added benefit of life and critical illness cover".

...and then finally there was an affiliate LINK which went to Lombard Direct Loans.


WAS Lombard Direct Loans

http://www.lombarddirect.com affiliate program was with Buy AT. But this is all in the past now, and we suggest that you look look at other Loan Providers at this site instead, or alternatively you can type in the address which is at the beginning of this paragraph.

There is a problem with Lombard Direct Loans in that they have sent a threatening letter to this site. Therefore they are no longer recommended! Alienating affiliates really is a very poor business strategy.

The word "Lombard" is a trademark of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is amazing considering that the word "Lombard" dates back to the 6th Century according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lombards ! Doesn't that count as "prior art"?!

As a matter of public information concerning Lombard as a brand in the recent times, Lombard still exists and is still in business. However, Lombard no longer has "Lombard Direct Loans". That is a discontinued line, from what I have heard. If there were to be something new by Lombard, I would consider promoting it, and that would probably merit a new page. Please understand, though, I am a bit wary of Lombard in any form now they've behaved so heavy-handedly with a threatening letter about a page which had been put up in good faith.

Freedom of Speech is such that we are allowed to mention companies and their trademarks, provided we acknowledge them. Please take special note of the fact that this site and this page are NOT the official site of Lombard, or Lombard Direct or anything else to do with the Royal Bank of Scotland. If you still want to do business with them considering what has happened, then that's up to you!