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The famous London Eye is a big wheel in the middle of London. Also known as the Millennium Wheel, this is an amazing attraction, allowing visitors the chance to see London from the air. I can't help thinking that about the time of the dreaming-up of the Millennium Dome people were discussing how to make Britain's corporate image more fun and less stuffy and stiff-upper-lip, and someone suggested one way to do it would be to build a huge fairground wheel in the middle of the city of London. There's also an American-style notion of making it the BIGGEST EVER etc. The wheel is bigger than it looks, and if you look at the photo you can see some multi-storey tower blocks dwarfed by the size of the wheel. In fact it's 450ft high.

If you'd like to visit The London Eye and take a "flight" as they say (it's run by British Airways), then don't just go there and expect to leap onto the wheel! You'd have to queue for hours! The trick to avoid that is to buy ONLINE a LONDON PASS and avoid the queues.

You can also Buy a Gift Voucher for your friends and relatives so they can go on it.

PodI wonder what this is. A spare pod in the Science Museum?