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Probabilistic Magic

Computer Program for Choosing Your Lottery Numbers

This shareware computer program by Zyra might help you to win a FORTUNE! Or it might not. You might be lucky, and with this Probabilistic Magic program it is YOUR luck. It works by means of time, as the precise moment YOU press a key determines the actual lucky choice. If you don't believe in luck / magic / good fortune, it's just a good random number generating program which works like the National Lottery machine. But, I'm not asking you to believe in it, I suggest you TRY it! It's FREE, and you can download it here. All I ask is that if you win a lot of money by means of this program, you consider making a voluntary contribution to me for creating it.

To get the free program, link here: Probabilistic Magic download

(You'll also need to download BBC Basic and follow these instructions)


(OR you can click on LUCKY and then choose it to "OPEN WITH" the BBCDEMO.EXE program)

If you have any problem with this, e-mail me and I will try to get it to work for you and improve the instructions for future use.

The program should work in DOS, Windows, Linux DOSEMU, and Wine. If it doesn't, I want to know.

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It also has to be pointed out that there is no certainty of winning, and there's no getting away from the 14 million to one odds, so HAVE FUN and don't worry if you don't win!