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This website usually does very well and it's fascinating to see how much commission on affiliate programs the site makes at different affiliate marketing companies and with different merchants (shops etc). Looking through the affiliate stats just prior to publishing Issue101 of Zyra's website I was a bit dismayed to see that at TradeDoubler the total commission for the Hilton Hotel and Heals were both ZERO! Usually both of these do very well, so it was somewhat baffling. However, on examining the pages with the banners on, the affiliate links have EXPIRED. They had just left us in the LURCH! I dread to think how much business the companies have lost because of expiring banners.

The problem is not just at TradeDoubler and I'm sure it's not exclusive to the Hilton Hotel and Heals. It's symptomatic of an assumption of advertising based on short-term campaigns. Well that's all very fine if you go for splat advertising, but here that's considered about as oldfashioned as SPAM! All that silly PPC nonsense. Very annoying. Instead, the philosophy at Zyra's website is to create dedicated pages and leave them standing like monuments, so that in years to come the web presence of these places will still be there! It's a matter of having a deep linking policy and planning for the long term.

See the advertising policy at this site! Incidentally, WELL DONE to TradeDoubler for creating the LINK MATRIX! Now this means we can have genuine generic text links which won't expire.

If you are a customer looking at a link page and wondering why there are no banners or why they don't link to anywhere, please write in and say! We will be pleased to know which page you saw a banner had expired, and will probably mend it that day.

We'd also like to get back in touch so we can resume being good for business for Bonaport Insurance and a few other companies!

More recently Plumbs the upholstery company left us in the lurch as expectation of long term business was not matched by durability of the affiliate program, and the tranny fashion contact Lady Beware redirected all the affiliate links to a shoe selling website for which we did not get paid.

BT Mobile Sense is another curious example of an "in the lurch" situation, as the proposed BT Fusion never really got an affiliate program despite plenty of build-up to it. Although the pages may look a bit anomalous, they remain, and they seem to be doing some good for BT Shop, which is alive and well! Some companies have been less fortunate, as the dedicated affiliate pages remain with nowhere associated to connect.