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Mad 4 Ponies

Mad 4 Ponies

There's lots of horsey goings on at Mad 4 Ponies! Plenty of riding gear for your girls, if they like messing about on horses. What about the boys?

Mad 4 Ponies:

"Every pony is special to someone, whether you own the pony or it happens to be your favourite at the local riding school. Ponies provide us with so much pleasure and we look forward to our time down at the yard, even if it’s just to be near them and not necessarily riding.

Nothing beats putting your foot in the stirrup and getting on for a great lesson, competing or just hacking about.

Whether you own, loan or ride a pony at your local stables, or maybe you just love ponies but don't ride them much, we have lots of wonderful products for you. Mad 4 Ponies aims to provide good quality products at fair prices for pony mad girls and their ponies.

For girls who love ponies, funky fashionable casual and riding clothes, pony grooming kits and rugs, horsey gifts, books, even kids pyjamas and pink jodhpur boots.

We have joules childrens clothing, pony rugs from Horseware Ireland and Fleece Bijou Pony Wear, toys and games from Breyer Traditional Classics, glitter whips, vanity cases, and loads more bright colourful stuff with ponies on!

For the more serious rider we carry sporty competition and everyday riding clothes from HKM Pro-Team and Rockfish Riders".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Mad 4 Ponies

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