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MadBidNow here's a new thing that takes some thinking about. If you'd rather not think about it and just join up, you are welcome to. Just join here! See, easy. However, let me explain a bit about MadBid.com so you know what you're signing up to...

MadBid.com is the much-vaunted online auction site promoted on British commercial TV. The logo shows someone hitting themselves on the headMadBid with an auctioneer's gavel, and the clear message showing the basic surface truth of MadBid is that you take part in a crazy auction, pay for bids, and you might win something, typically a valuable consumer-durable for a fraction of the proper retain price, often ridiculously cheap, because it's MAD, see! MadBid This is true, and if you want to make a jump to it, you are welcome to sign up here. However, there is a deeper truth, which is as follows:

MadBid.com is truthfully "an auction" in the sense that the highest bigger wins and gets to buy the item in question for the agreed final selling price plus delivery costs. You need to live in the UK, and you need to have a UK mobile phone number, and you have to tell them your location, age, and oddly... gender, though quite why they want to know that is another matter. However,MadBid it is probably more useful to think of MadBid.com as a game rather than an auction. In a way it's like a gambling game, but it's more of a contest rather than a probability risk gamble.MadBid

When you sign up, you get some free "credits". These are like gambling chips in a casino, and they are the in-house currency. Credits cost 10p to 12p, and you can buy them in bulk.MadBid

When you place a bid, you pay so-many credits (usually between 1 and 8) in order to have your bid accepted.

If someone else puts a bid in, the price of the item on sale goes up by 1p.

The highest bid wins, and the winner receives the item. However, all of the money spent on chips/credits goes to the company. They've got to make a profit, you know.MadBid

So, remember, it's a game, and it's supposed to be fun. You should be behave responsibly and place your bids where you think best. Who knows, you might win!MadBid

If you're wondering how 1000 in cash can be sold for 19, bear in mind that it's probably had 1900 bids at a cost of 10p each. The wise person learns tactics and knows to place a bid right at the end, and there are other skills which you learn as you play the game.

Think of it as a game of skill and luck, and have fun! Read all of the shpiel and smallprint, and you should be able to see how it makes sense.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!


http://www.madbid.com affiliate program is an Independent Affiliate Program
There's a special code, which will credit new users 5 extra bids (on top of the usual 2 bids), when you type in '5FORFREE' as the promo code. I'm not keen on voucher codes myself, but there you have one if you'd like.