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also see marbles credit card - "one of the UK's top online credit cards"

Marbles Loans, part of the same group as the marbles credit card, say this: marbles"Before you apply for a loan, you'll probably want to know a bit more about us. Well, HFC Bank plc are the people behind marbles loans.marbles

It's safe to say we've got the experience and expertise to ensure that you always get the help and service you need.marbles We are members of the British Bankers' Association and the Finance & Leasing Association. We subscribe to the Banking Code and the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) Code of Practice...marbles

Our parent company is Household International Inc,marbles which has owned and managed assets of over $80 billion and more than 45 million customers. Over 2,700 people work for us in the UK - mainly in Winkfield, near Windsor, and in Birmingham.

HFC Bank plc has providedmarbles personal loan facilities for over 3.5 million people throughout the UK. We also provide credit cards in association with some very well known namesmarbles including Vauxhall Motors Ltd, Freeserve plc and over 120 other organisations. marblesOver 1.5 million people in the UK carry one of our credit cards."

This is where the Link was to go to the Place! . Don't panic because the link has gone. The marbles company (HFC Bank) is still in business and doing well, and you can see them at the Hilton Hotel Credit Card and the RSPCA Credit Card. Also, Zyra's website continues to advertise other loans providers as well as other credit cards. This is all good for business. affiliate program was with Commission Junction

Update: Currently (2011), the only link that's still good is the one to Loans