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Authentic 50s, 60s, 70s and party artiste. Ex-alleycat who kept on rockin' & rollin'

This guitar vocalist rocks 'til he drops!* Played Cliff and the Shadows, Searchers, Beatles, Everley Brothers, Eddie Cochran, Bill Haley, Swinging Blue Jeans, Elvis (of course!), T-Rex, Status Quo, and many others including Black Lace.

2006 up to December 8th: "At the moment very busy, sometimes performing 2 gigs on the same day. Please book well in advance. Marty plays pubs, hotels, clubs, a lot of nursing homes and special needs centres are performed for expenses only.

Would like to thank wife Sue, cockatiel Eddie, and many followers and friends for keeping him going".

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Marty pays tribute to those dear to him

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The Greek Island of Kefalonia

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Marty thanks the staff of Pilgrim Hospital

Marty recommends becoming a blood donor

Marty is sponsored by Zyra , Fitness First Boston* and AA Cars

* Marty kept on rockin' and rollin' and lived well, and was well-liked by all, but the sad news is in that on Saturday 9th December 2006 Marty died. He will be missed. Funeral at Boston Stump on Monday 18th December. These web pages will remain online in memory of Marty.

Does anyone have any recordings of any of Marty's brilliant performances?

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