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Pom Bears and Jumpys

Customer Testimonials

Shortly after the publishing of Zyra's site circular newsletter, I received this message, which I think says quite a lot about the product...

----- Original Message -----
Nik Allday
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2001 1:07 PM
Subject: Pom Bears and Jumpys

Hi Zyra

Thanks for the news letter. I haven't finished it yet but I came across
this page and just wanted to tell you my views. I know Pom Bears - my 7
year old daughter has been eating them for years. She loves them - I don't.
They're too airy for me (but I have to admit eating quite a few). I was on
my way to a business meeting some months ago and whizzed into a garage and
grabbed some crisps and fruit juice to keep me going. I was dismayed that
what I had picked up were not crisps but some awful processed shape things,
but I was hungry and in a hurry and so I opened them and ate one. Mmmm - it
was really good. It was a fun shape - sort of ballooned. I took a second
look at another one and realised they were kangaroos. Well I munched my way
through half the packet and through love for my daughter I resisted eating
them all so that she could try them. Now we both love Jumpys.




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