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Hard disc drive manufacturers Maxtor make hard disc drives which they are so confident about that some of the drives come with a manufacturer's guarantee.Hard Disc This means that the chance of data loss is considered so unlikely that if it happens they'll swap the drive new-for-old. Note: This does not mean you'll get the data back! For that you need data recovery specialists such as Kroll Ontrack and Xytron (who have already recovered data from Maxtor drives for me!). See How I Got My Data Back and Another story of data recovery. But for a company to put a guarantee on a drive is pretty good, and in the case of Maxtor they guaranteed the drive would be good for three years regardless of where the drive had been bought.

Maxtor don't guarantee the drive if you open it up on your dinner table, by the way, but they are happy if technical experts in a clean roomMaxtor OneTouch portable hard disc drive open it up in laboratory conditions, so if you get Ontrack on the data recovery job then Maxtor will still respect the guarantee.

My Maxtor D540X 60Gb disc drive had been around for over two years but had not quite reached three years when the guarantee would have run out. Admittedly I had to pay for the shipping to get the old drive sent to Maxtor, but when the replacement drive arrived, I was well chuffed to find that as well as it being a good replacement drive, it was a 120Gb drive! Twice the size of the original! There aren't many financial investments than can double in size in two and a half years. So, WELL DONE to Maxtor!

If you want to visit Maxtor's website it's http://www.maxtor.com , whereas here there are also some other hard disc drive related pages including:Xytron data recovery

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Special note: Hard disc drives are very reliable and almost never fail. Especially good makes such as Maxtor. But, occasionally they do.