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Mayfair Centre

WAS: The Mayfair Centre, Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham, B5 4PT, but now CLOSED. However, the shops still exist, it's just that they are scattered. But here on this page they are still linked-to. Doesn't that make it a VIRTUAL ALTERNATIVE MARKET?

A few of the places with links so far are:

Toxic Shock www.toxicshop.com (0121 622 5317 uk) - now in the fishmarket at The Indoor Market which is near to St Michael's Market

House of Horror - now in Temple Street - was www.houseofhorror.co.uk

Chinese Cultural Xchange - was www.fromchina.co.uk


...and some more, which will be good if I can get the URLs. Add more information to this somewhat scant page here, especially if you want your business included. Contact

Now the previous navigation instructions, pertaining to the original physical location of the Mayfair Centre...


Not easy to find. The trick is to first find The Pallasades and then ask several people, especially the customer helpdesk, where the Mayfair Centre is, and/or where Toxic Shock is. There is one of the escalators down from the Pallasades which leads to the Mayfair Centre, and there about forty shops some of which are very unusual / interesting / alternative.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for Crockfords of Mayfair, they are in Mayfair London, and can be seen online at Crockfords Casino Online