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Millions Club

"We only make money if you are making money"

This was a new affiliate marketing company and this kind of thing is to be encouraged. Millions Club Marketing was well worth having a look at. Millions Club (2004): "We will be supplying information and resources on how to make your online business Grow, with the latest software and programs available". The code was generic, which was good if you were considering joining as an affiliate, and also the contract was very affiliate-friendly. If you were considering joining as a merchant, Millions Club Marketing might have been especially of interest as you would only pay for sales and leads.

was http://www.millionsclub.co.uk/?AFID=14

www.millionsclub.co.uk was an affiliate marketing company
"We only make money if you are making money"

Update (2004/10): Change of plan: The company has now become www.affilit.co.uk which is "affiliate programs with a difference" in that you don't pay for them! Free affiliate programs? Can this be true? Well, it seems to be, or at least a posh link exchange. Take a look and see what you think. We were linked from www.affilit.co.uk/partners.html and gave this a try! But remember, we all need to make money.

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