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Melt the chocolate boutique based in London's Notting Hill. Visit their website and indulge your chocolate cravings.


"Melt Chocolates offers the best chocolates in London. They are handmade fresh on the premises every day by our chocolatiers.

Melt is an award winning chocolate shop based in Notting Hill. Our passion for all things chocolate comes from our founder and chairwomen Louise Nason, amazing mother of four, wife and astute business woman.melt

Her passion and vision translates from the boutique on Ledbury Road in London's cool quarter Nottinghill. Amble around the crisp white store, hand choosing your favorite tastes, wonder into the open kitchen, see the chocolatiers hard at work, book a tasting for friends or as a corporate event.

Melt not only brings all these qualities to their online store but also their entire range of products, special promotions and diary events. All chocolates sold online are freshly picked for each other, hand packed in luxury boxes and safely dispatched to the consumer.

Melt now has a world wide following and words of praise can be found on countless blogs and referral sites. Melt with us and join the luxury chocolate revolution.

Melt is located at: Melt Chocolates Limited 59 Ledbury Road London W11 2AA".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!


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