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Boston Mental Hospital

The Mental Hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK

I have stayed in this mental asylum myself. It is quite comfortable, and you get to meet a lot of interesting people. If you're mad it's good because there is a lot of good therapeutic activity going on, which can often be more effective at sorting things out than just having loads of tablets prescribed. The food is quite good, although there is a scandalous waste of food which needs to be resolved.

For more about people who sometimes have a stay in a mental hospital, Perceptions Forum is worth a look. We the mad people are very creative!

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Anyone know where the official site is? This page will link to it as soon as that information can be found.

People have asked me: Where is Boston Mental Hospital? It's not on maps and that building isn't seen anywhere around the town. Well, I can tell you, as I have been a guest there. Boston Mental Hospital is cunningly hidden behind the main hospital. Out of mind, out of sight, eh?