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But what if I'm allergic to milk!?


Amazing as it may seem, milk comes from cowsMilk! It's true though. It comes out of cows, in itself not an easy process extracting it. Then it's processed, and put into bottles made of GLASS, and these are loaded onto electrically powered trucks, and then special couriers known as "Milkmen" get up extraordinarily early in the morning and deliver the bottles to your house, leaving them on your doorstep. And it still costs less than beer.

Milk is good in tea, coffee, or on Rice Krispies, in omelettes, or for shining a laser through in experiments involving the Tyndall effect, for making into cheese or chocolate, getting blood stains out of tablecloths, or for enticing cats to a garden with a cat table, etc. Don't give it to hedgehogs though; give them cat-food instead.

Preferences in types of milk vary. I prefer gold-top milk, but some prefer "skimped" milk which has had all the delicious cream taken out.

Milk was generally brought to the customer by the milkman, but later supermarkets started selling it in six pint canisters. ASDA is especially of note, as Asda used to be a dairy. The name ASDA is from ASsociated DAiries.

In a "recent survey", a disturbingly large percentage of schoolchildren thought that milk was made in a factory like cola, and had no idea that milk was actually extracted from cows!

Milk appears in a lot of recipes, and some people have a problem with milk in the same way that some have a problem with wheat. A collection of MILK-FREE Contacts is being constructed here if you're interested. Meanwhile, in contrast...

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