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More Discs

Take a look at More Discs for all of your entertainment needs. Choose from CDs, DVDs and Video Games, plus a whole lot more.

More Discs:

"Morediscs.com is a leading entertainment media, internet based, retail website. Our aim is to supply top quality product at competitive prices and also to offer a shopping experience that is simple and safe.

We stock many different forms of entertainment media, mainly DVD and Blu-ray, Video Games on all platforms, plus accessories and Music CD's. Our range of products is ever increasing, from electronics, to entertainment media related merchandise.

morediscs.com is a fantastic new site, offering entertainment media to retail customers with HUGE discounts.

Being one of the largest stock holders of Films, Games and Accessories in the UK; morediscs.com is set to rival many of the current 'big boys' in the entertainment industry".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


More Discs

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