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CREDIT CARD reviewed at Zyra's independent website

Please note that this page is now largely historical.

MORE THAN, The Credit Card was available from by those good people Royal and Sun Alliance, who also ran MORE THAN > Insurance. This was a well known name in the financial sector, modern images combined with historic stability. In the words of MORE THAN (Credit Cards UK), in the year 2003 ... "MORE TH>N, from Royal & Sun Alliance, launches its new innovative credit card. A card designed to give freedom and flexibility when creating the ideal credit card. Customers can choose their own APR, cashback, servicing options and annual fee to suit their needs as they change over time. Please note that applicants must be resident in the United Kingdom and aged 18 or over to apply for a MORE TH>N Credit Card" ... Please note that this is a historical quote, and does not represent the current situation with MORE THANThis item replaces an image of a MORE THAN Credit Card >

You are reading this page at Zyra's website which is an online source of information, both current and historical. We were happy to promote MORE THAN in their endeavours as an insurance company, but would like to point out for clarity that the MORE THAN Credit Card is no longer available (as of 2007). So please don't try to apply for it! We like to get on well with everyone, so a gesture of good will was extended by this site continuing to link to the pages about More Than Car Insurance and More Than Home Insurance, and should have been regarded as GOOD FOR BUSINESS.

Zyra's website is a properly run website with a deep linking policy which means that pages remain online and are not deleted even if the market changes. We get on well with the FSA, who, along with modern European governments, do not condone revisionist history! ;-)

This page was updated 2007/01/31 to give MORE THAN a chance to see how things are run here, and to give them some extra promotion in More Than Car Insurance and More Than Home Insurance. Customers, please make your own minds up, and if you'd like a credit card, please see the category of Credit Cards at this site.

http://www.morethancard.com (see old More Than link page) affiliate program WAS with Commission Junction. It has helpfully been pointed out that when this site was expelled from the MORE THAN insurance affiliate programs, the MORE THAN credit card was already history and even when it was a live program it was with a different affiliate marketing company from the one at which the insurance programs were! This situation was described by one commentator at the time as "unfair".

According to our own archive, the affiliate links were first published here on Issue 63 of this site on 3rd of July 2003 and were last published in the belief they were still active on Issue 74 on 14th October 2004. But even as late as 7th February 2007 we still managed to find a picture of Lucky The Dog from a remote-served Commission Junction banner! These matters would not usually be relevant, except the MORE THAN company are being perceived here to be LESS THAN reasonable at the time of writing 2007/02/07.

In February 2007 the MORE THAN company commanded that this page be deleted. This was politely refused. After that the MORE THAN company expelled the site from the affiliate program (2007/02/12). This expulsion hasn't won them any votes, though. Never mind, eh? This page tells the truth, and that's what matters. Besides, there are plenty of other insurance companies and credit card companies!

The image shown on this page replaces an image of a MORE THAN credit card (copyright by the MORE THAN company). The substitute image, admittedly a tub of cut-price ASDA spread (24p for 500g), has a similar artistic shadow effect, plus there is the added bonus notion of the idea that you don't need to spend more than necessary when getting some bargain price grease to put on your gluten free toast!

Although there is no such thing anymore as the More Than Credit Card, there is such a thing as More Than Web Hosting which I'm pleased to say is nothing to do with More Than Insurance! That is quite funny, but what's even more amusing is the rumour that the More Than Credit Card might return at some time! Then what happens to the revisionist history policy of More Than? This is getting a bit reminiscent of the idea of a company having a terrible-twos tantrum and throwing things out of the pram, so maybe it would be appropriate to link this up to Baby Items and to IT's NOT FAIR!

At some time in the future, if MORE THAN change their tune and be more positive on the flexibility and freedom of speech, they will be welcomed back to this site on a new affiliate program!

GOOD NEWS: More Than have at long last accepted Zyra's website back onto their affiliate program, and, as promised, a new page has been created about MORE THAN with dignified content promoting their worthwhile insurance. Meanwhile the old page about More Than (with cats) has been consigned to history. However, like this page, it has been kept.

Conclusion: This whole episode in the history of More Than and their affiliate marketing has been because the affiliate insisted on having the right to say MORE THAN USED TO HAVE A CREDIT CARD. The reporting of history does not go against any FSA regulation.