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Message in a Bottle (version 2) - sent in February 2010

To whosoever shall open this message,

Well done on discovering this message in a bottle! It is by remarkable luck and serendipity that you have found the bottle and received this message. Indeed, it is quite lucky that anyone has received it, as communication on the world's ocean currents has an uncertainty to it.

I am ZYRA, and I run the website www.zyra.org.uk , which has cheered people up for many years. It's an interesting and unusual website, and I decided to promote the website by unorthodox means. I tell people about it, and I give away business cards in swimming pools in exotic locations , and sometimes when people ask me why I am emigrating for tax purposes I explain about my website and then they sometimes have a look at it online. Of course I could assume there would be little to be gained by conventional advertising, as there is so much advertising about in the normal world that people generally just ignore it. So instead, I have taken the trouble to write a message and I have put messages in these old bottles and put the bottles to good use by using them as seaworthy envelopes.

But this escapade goes further than just promoting www.zyra.org.uk and asking you if you'd like to look around the website. I am interested in meeting people who share the adventurous spirit. I am also interested, from a scientific point of view, about probability, and also the flow of currents. I wonder how far the bottles will have travelled.

I would be very interested to hear from you. So, please get in touch!

So that I can be reasonably sure that you are reading a printed message that you've found inside a bottle, and not the version online, I've coded the message/bottle, and the code for this one is as follows:


Please write to me, send me an e-mail message, and quote that code, and we'll see how far the bottle has travelled adrift on the open sea. It will be interesting to see where it's been found. Also, please describe the bottle, so I know which bottles are surviving best at sea. If you're replying to this message found in a bottle, the address for you to write to is as follows:

 [e-mail locality]

If you're writing instead because of the online version, you should write via the email page instead!

This message in a bottle is being sent out to someone out there in the wide world. If you are that person, let's hear from you! Tell me about yourself. Also, where did you find the bottle? Where and when did it appear? What do you think about this interesting method of communication? Have you seen www.zyra.org.uk ? Don't you think this will make an interesting story?!