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Nanotechnology is a new science (2001/04) which is like microelectronics (micro-miniaturised electrical engineering) but it's more like micro-miniaturised mechanical engineering.

The micro-robotics of Nanotechnology has many applications, for example the re-animation of people in suspended-animation by Cryonics

Foresight Institute

Nanostructured and Amorphous Materials Inc.

Engines of Creation by K Eric Drexler - moved


The Nanotechnology Age - The Coming Nanotech Revolution" or "Nanotechnology is a revolutionary future manufacturing technology set to change the world. Enter The Nano Age.

NanoStyle - nanotechnological jewellery

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In the film Fantastic Voyage, people aboard a submarine were shrunk down to microscopic scale and then were exploring around inside a body. This is not as far-fetched as it seems, as nanobots are micro robots which can be made to operate on an invisibly small scale. Microelectronics would have been just as fanciful to suggest in the days of valves and relays.

Another Nanotechnological idea is that as both graphite and diamond are made of the same atoms, Carbon, if you could re-arrange the atoms it would be possible to make graphite into diamond. Besides various obvious moneymaking prospects, this would also allow manufacturing of industrial engineering out of diamond-stuff.

Nanotech can print even smaller than that!Tyres that never go flat. Drill bits that never get dull. Kitchens that never need cleaning. Nanotechnology is the practical everyday application of a futuristic science so amazing you may have trouble believing it’s for real. But for investors, it is very real. Some of the early-stage byproducts of nanotech research are already yielding huge profits for savvy investors. But the ultimate and not-too-distant benefit of nanotechnology will be more advanced treatments and cures for diseases! Forbes Nanotechnology Magazine is available now with Forbes Magazine