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NASA - United States Space Agency

A few handy links for bookmarking...

NASA front page www.nasa.gov


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Science@NASA - Science.Nasa.Gov

Hubble Space TelescopeVisit the Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando

Personal Satellite Assistant - was http://ic.arc.nasa.gov/projects/psa/

Send your name to a comet

NASA robotic links (also see the MARS page and Curiosity on Mars).

Job application to be a NASA astronaut (link via Space Store)

Plus, in 2015, New Horizons should be arriving at Pluto, that place formerly known as THE PLANET PLUTO!

Every dollar spent on space exploration has been paid back many times in profit, good PR, and general enhancement of the economy because of increased optimism. So, isn't it strange that the NASA budget keeps on being cut?!

A further WELL DONE to NASA for having a good-for-all-humankind attitude to copyright of images. This is in stark contrast to what has been observed to do with Getty Images in which Mom and Pop Shops were said to be threatened with legal action for thousands of dollars over postage-stamp sized images which they had acquired without question from "free" sites, only to be later trapped.