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NEAT ideas

Untidy office? Try Neat Ideas. There products are bound to tidy up any office environment. They have everything to suit students and businesses alike.

NEAT ideas:

"Neat Ideas is an office products mail order company, providing everything a business might need from paper clips to office furniture. We offer thousands of products carefully selected from around the globe by our team of experienced product managers. And as part of the World’s largest office products group, we have the buying power to provide the lowest prices available.

Founded over 30 years ago, Neat Ideas is an established and trusted name in office products. From our headquarters in Doncaster, we serve an amazing variety of businesses across the country, both large and small from our purpose-built warehouse and distribution centre in Corby.

Whether students, smaller companies, medium-sized or large corporations: at Neat Ideas everyone is served according to their individual requirements. Office materials, office furniture and office equipment can be purchased from the mail order catalogue or ordered on the Internet.

At Neat Ideas there are products for every customers budget and preference. The focus is always on first class quality, a huge choice and guaranteed low prices!"

If you have been tempted by this, here WAS the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

Neat Ideas

http://www.neat-ideas.com affiliate program was with BUY AT

Update: Neat Ideas.com is now Staples Direct

Previously on this page it said...

So, what now? Well of course we've love to continue to promote the Neat Ideas office supplies company, (rather than it being corked), and it should continue to do well alongside the great many other office supplies companies at this site! The problem is Buy.at! After the buy-out of Buy.at by AOL, they introduced a new contract which I refused to sign! If you want to know why, I'll tell you, but that would require a whole page about it. (Now published: See Buy.at Contract). Nevertheless, the fact is that the Neat Ideas company needs to have a new affiliate program! Look, there are plenty of other affiliate marketing companies, and generally they treat the affiliate well, especially if they care about still being in business in the next few years! I do hope Neat Ideas have the neat idea of having a decent affiliate program which has a fair contract, and preferably soon. Customers, if you'd like to visit Neat Ideas, the website address is given in the line before this paragraph. Plus, other office supplies are available. I hope Neat Ideas don't have an exclusive deal with Buy.at , because that would be about as neat as having a car with no reverse gear in a cul-de-sac.

Don't get me wrong here. I like the Neat Ideas office equipment company and I have no grudge against them. It's not their fault that Buy.at have messed up. I'd like to continue to promote that helpful, well-stocked, and optimistic website of Neat Ideas!

Update: There is an update on this too, as Buy.at was run badly by AOL for a year and then the company was bought out by Affiliate Window, after which it was run much better! The Buy.at contract problem is now solved, and so there is now a new page about Buy.at

Meanwhile, Neat-Ideas.com is now Staples Direct