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Emperor Nero

The legend is that Emperor Nero played his electric guitar while Rome burned. But hang on a bit, can that be right? Surely he's have nowhere to plug it in? Wasn't it a FIDDLE that he played while Rome burned? Nero fiddled while Rome burned? Sounds a bit more credible. No, it can't be that, because the violin hadn't been invented then either! How about a LYRE? Well, not sure if that's the truth either. Nero wasn't in Rome when the city burned. And as soon as he heard it was burning he returned to the city to see what could be done.

Nero later had the city rebuilt. But what got him a lot of criticism was that when he had the city rebuilt he had himself a HUGE palace built. So, although he didn't burn Rome, he did take advantage of the burning by having a huge palace built on the ruins. Therefore, people who didn't like him claimed he had burnt the city!

Also, Nero came in for a lot of criticism from Christians, and was believed to be The Devil or The Antichrist. Nero blamed the Christians for burning Rome, and they regarded him as The Devil because of association with fire. The number 666 as mentioned in the Bible is calculated from the name of Caesar Neron.

The idea that Nero burnt Rome lives on in the witty titling of a company who are not so much into Rome Burning as ROM Burning. Hence, they are named Nero, and sometimes they have an icon of a flaming Colosseum, even though at the time Rome burned, the Colosseum hadn't yet been built!