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If you own a Datsun, you might be interested to know that the company that made it is now called "Nissan". If you make a guess that it's at www . nissan . com , you'll find the site of someone who has been called Mr Nissan for a lot longer than the car company. AND, he has the generous nature to inform you that the address of Nissan Cars is www. , - I wonder if Nissan Cars would be so public-spirited?

Nissan - Manufacturer of cars
Also see and Nissan Global and also Nissan USA (they open in new window if they have something that interferes with the BACK button).

Nissan - Computer company

Nissan - or Nisan - one of the months in the Jewish calendar

Nissan Hut ? - Actually it's more correctly known as a Nissen Hut, and was developed by a Canadian engineer in world war I.

The whole story is expressed in detail at and the evidence is there to be seen.

Even more about the ongoing situation at (gone)