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Nite International

Nite International

It is quite a rare thing to find a UK watch company these days. Nite International are one of the UK's best Sports and Adventure watch companies.

Nite International:

"Nite International is a successful British company that designs, manufactures and distributes its own brand of exceptionally tough and stylish collection of sports and adventure watches.

Nite watches sell for between £200 and £500 and there are plenty of watches as well made as Nite, but they cost far more and then there are plenty within the same price point, but they cannot match the integrity of Nite's design and manufacturing standards - let alone the specification.

Nite is worn by men aged between 22 and 55 in critical professions where immediate access to accurate to the time is a matter of life or death or who are engaged adventurous outdoor sports and extreme endurance events; they all wear Nite because they’re tough, reliable and easy to read even in zero light conditions".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Nite International

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