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NoNick Defacer Info:

In October 2003 this website was defaced and remained so for two days. Shame really. They've picked the wrong target. Anyway, here's what the defaced version of the website looked like...

Image not found
(image appears blank)

NoNick Was here

"Am I really here?
Do I really exist?
The same scenes. The same people.
Neo, I believe. Free my mind!"

And then they signed it.

Brazil Rules

On some similar versions found on Google they also add such things as:

NoNick Was Here Inside Your Linux Red Hat etc etc


Shadow Boys Against The War and Bush

Free World Rules !!!!

OK, so they're script-kiddies, and they have watched The Matrix, and they like Linux, and they don't like George W Bush or the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, and whatever other countries are invaded next. Well I happen to not be a supporter of George W Bush either! So they've picked the wrong target here for sure! I also happen to like Linux, and The Matrix, so, odd as it may seem, my attackers seem to share some similar views and tastes. It's my guess that these characters in Brazil are attacking websites entirely indiscriminately. It wouldn't surprise me that they are destroying more anti-war websites than pro-government supporter sites. In a way they are accidentally working for the government! Governments love this kind of terrorism/vandalism. It gives the establishment a false credibility.

My advice is: Choose your friends carefully, and choose your enemies carefully! If you want to be revolutionary and improve the world, don't attack sites that do a lot of good like this!

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