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No right-click?!

"Stop people pinching your images - prevent visitors saving pictures from your web pages"?!

This clever trick seems to work ok on Windows systems, and stops the average user from pinching images directly off your webpages using the right-click mouse button. Try it - this dustbin / garbage can / waste unit here is protected by this feature. Right-clicking on it on some systems causes a little box to come up which is mystifying for some. If you'd like to implement this feature on some of YOUR webpages, take a look at the source-code in this page (using VIEW and HTML/Source) and take a copy of the JAVA. This technique has been hailed by some quite well-known Internet newsletters as a catch-all technique for protecting stuff on websites against piracy etc. This is of course not quite the true picture, as anything a user can load into their computer to look at CAN be saved with a more powerful operating system such as Linux or by using some basic technique such as using SAVE AS and then viewing the files offline. (In fact, you can even save such supposedly protected images by pressing the left mouse button, holding it down, and then pressing the right-click button!). However, even this no right-click script stops the average user from indiscriminately copying stuff.

Incidentally, if you'd like a copy of that image, and a few other curious items, they're being given away as shareware on the shareware images page

JavaScript (invisible on the page but on show in the source-code) now follows: