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Normans Musical Instruments BuildingNormans

Specialists in Musical Instruments

"Normans are the UK's leading specialist Musical Instrument Retailer"Normans

In their own words "Normans are the UK's leading specialist supplier of Musical Instruments - supplying a full range of first class instruments and accessories to musicians, bands and schools at heavily discounted prices."

Normans"Buy on-line from the UK's leading specialist Musical Instrument Retailer and save on the "High Street" price"

And now to paraphrase information gathered: "Situated on the outskirts of Burton on Trent in the UK, Normans has a telesales office facility with 18+ staff to take your call - manned by specialists in all major instruments who can advise you on your requirements. No enquiry is too large or small - If you call, you can expect a fast, friendly and reliable service. There's a showroom where you are able to view and try out a selection of products from huge stocks in private practice rooms. You can also browse through an extensive display of sheet music. The new warehouse holds over 40,000 items for immediate dispatch - including instruments, accessories and music. The whole warehouse is electronically monitored by a computer system which re-orders stock when items are running low - to ensure goods are always in stock. The facility is manned by three full time staff members who pack and send out over 200 deliveries daily. Normans also has a fully operational repair workshop staffed by two experienced instrument repairers. The workshops deal with a wide range of repairs as well as preparing and inspecting instruments prior to dispatch and supporting after sales service".

This page was an affiliate advertisement for Normans Musical Instrument Specialists via TradeDoubler, but sadly the program came to an end and a representative of Normans said that the affiliate program had not been profitable. That's really sad, as affiliate programs usually work quite well!

Anyway, I feel sorry for them, so I'm going to put a direct link in here:

www.normans.co.uk (gone)

ALSO, note that there are other manufacturers and suppliers of musical instruments at the MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS page of Zyra's website, a place where you have the choices!

Affiliates are usually a success!