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If you would like to use the shareware on this site, please DO!

Various items marked as "shareware" are Zyra , but are released as shareware. So if you would like to use them, please DO use, and send a voluntary contribution for what you think they're worth to the shareware office PO Box address which is: Zyra, c/o 48 Thorold Street, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6PH, UK. Cheques made payable to Zyra's Bazaar.

If you feel that paying money for shareware is not the way to do it, how about putting in a LINK to www.zyra.org.uk instead?! More about this at the banners page and at Intro. Please write in and mention you've put a link in so we can see about returning the favour by giving you a link too!