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OFFIZZOffice in London

A Virtual Office in London for 69/month by OFFIZZ / OFIZ

LONDONOFFIZZ (previously OFIZ) offers you a Virtual Office in London. If you were going to set up an office for your business, London would be an excellent place to set it up, but the problem is that office space in London is in such high demand that it would cost a lot of money. However OFFIZZ can get you a VIRTUAL office in London, which means that although you aren't in London yourself, your business will look as if it's in London, and people round the world will see you haveAnother view of London "A London Office"! Here's what the people at OFFIZZ say about this: "Run your Virtual Office from anywhere in the world. Why spend money on an expensive office, when you can get much more with a Virtual Office in any of 16 European Cities, New York and San Francisco from the leading provider of Virtual Office Services? With a virtual office in an international city, you get everything a normal office provides, but at a fraction of the cost. Your Virtual Office provides a full range of telephone and Fax services, from call diversion that allows you to answer your phone and fax calls yourself, wherever you are, to live professional call answeringThe Millennium Dome, London in your company name with messaging and call transfer. We also provide a full email service with a free personalised domain name. You receive web access to your email using our Internet enabled email Access. You can use our prestigious London address for mail receipt and forwarding, allowing you to read your office mail in your own home or office, anywhere in the world. Choose whatever combination you require from phone and fax services, email services and mail services. You can combine the services in any way that suits your needs to create your own virtual office".

To find out more about the possibility of setting up your Virtual Office in London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Milan, Rome, Dublin, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Madrid, Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich...

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The updated offer now at OFFIZZ (2006) includes phone call answering, website domain, website hosting, webmail, and a variety of other services. Different packages for different budgets. Have a closer look for details. Previously, when the company was known as OFIZ the commentary included "OFIZ provides an essential service for small businesses and home workers. Customers get a central London address for postal forwarding, with telephone and fax numbers that can be diverted worldwide. ...Your ofiz account provides you with a full virtual office from which you can manage all of your communications,OFIZ from almost anywhere in the world. Incoming post is automatically redirected to any address you specify. Divert your phone and fax lines to any UK or International fixed number. Answer your calls as if you are present in your virtual office in London. Calls are diverted transparently, allowing you to maintain professional credibility while working from wherever you choose. Ofiz allows you to take advantage of the digital era by providing a virtual office presence in a premier business location at a fraction of the conventional cost. Your ofiz account comes with a free direct dial dedicated phone number. This is diverted free of charge to any fixed line number in the UK. In addition,The Millennium Dome, London you can now purchase an additional phone number to divert your calls free of charge to most major international destinations, including the US, Canada, EU countries, Japan, South Korea, Australia, NZ, etc. Your callers from the UK pay the standard national rate to call you and you pay NOTHING! Your ofiz account comes with a free additional dedicated fax number. Divert faxes for free to your local fax machine on any UK fixed line and maintain a professional business image. In addition, you can now purchase an additional fax number to divert your fax calls free of charge to most major international destinations, including the US, Canada, most EU countries, Japan, South Korea, Australia, NZ, etc. All of your incoming post is automatically forwarded to you anywhere in the world on a daily, weekly or monthly basis."

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http://www.offizz.com of 155 Regents Park Road, London NW1 8BB, England: Independent Affiliate Program. Yet again, GONE! Was http://www.ofiz.com/affiliates/cgi-bin/clickthru.cgi?id=zyra after changing yet again! So, this page has had to be bunged up. They are welcome to get in touch and get something sorted out, but there is no point in promoting the place if they keep changing the links and not letting us know!

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