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old computers, computational machines of an earlier time...

There are a great many items of antique computer software, many of them still in mint condition and still in the shrink-wrap, at ZYRA's BAZAAR, including some of the stock of Felix Computers. These are FOR SALE and if you are interested please e-mail me

The Wordplex computer terminals have now been sold, and so have various other interesting computer antiquities. Computer museums have shown considerable interest, and it's good to see posterity supported so well.

There's still quite a lot of home computer stuff from the 1980s still available.

Plus, there's the slot machine glass collection which needs to find someone interested, preferably soon.

Also, retro computer Internet sites include...

BBC COMPUTER emulator/nostalgic site at and others on the history of computers page

If you are lucky enough to own an old computer and want to know "How Much Is It Worth?", please don't write to me and ask. However, I can tell you it's probably worth quite a lot and what's more, it WILL BE worth even more as time goes on, most likely. The better the condition the more valuable it is, but be careful not to sell too cheap. If it's very old and very interesting it could be quite valuable. Also, even if you've got a computer that's not very old but just a bit outdated, DON'T GET RID OF IT. These things always come in useful, and if it comes to a showdown about digital freedom you may need your old computer to help to set yourself free of the horror that is Palladium!