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This is the old e-mail page. Please don't write to it. Please use the NEW Contact us page instead! This page is only being kept to show off the interesting way in which spam-bots were fooled.

DO NOT e-mail: spam.dustbin@zyra.org.uk , nickb63@gmail.com , abuse@btinternet.com , info@landfill.us , test@sohu.com , abuse@yahoo.com (abuse at yahoo.com) , spam@yolke.com , not opt-in@marketdepots.com , abuse@uk.tiscali.com , abuse@aol.com , promo@just-tel.net or someone@microsoft.com

[[[ DO e-mail: actual-email2@zyra.org.uk ]]]

(please mention if appropriate which page you are writing in connection with)
(Also, if you are sending using AOL, please be aware of this AOL problem before sending)

Before writing in, please be aware of the points on the CONTACT PAGE !!!
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You're welcome to write in, but please be aware that there is currently a backlog of many hundreds of e-mails waiting to be replied to, so you may have to be patient.

Also DO NOT e-mail: spam.garbage.dump@zyra.org.uk , internet911@infogeneratorpro.com, suze@t2.premrad.com , abuse@excite.com , Kathleen7137@hostingforfun.com , unsubscribe@i-BuyPC.biz , Briana7241@hostingforfun.com , abuse@optin-proservers.com, webmaster@silly.con , john@advertiger.com , unido@china.net , nkozlows@tampabay.rr.com , sales@very-bouncy-retry-again , teresa@netswan.com , workshops@themms.com , technical/support/is/not/available/for/your/product@symantec.com , hosting@james.bag.gs, Questions@warehousetimes.com, targetemailrequest@btamail.net.cn, support@software4parents.com , customer_service@yourcyberstore.com, wellwishers@ontape.net, yzhang@cheerful.com , This account has been configured to reply to all mail, with no text , Questions@PerfectWatchPiece.com, hmotorcmte@yahoo.co.kr, nutt@rogernutt.com, graeme@popi.co.uk, hodge@cotas.com.bo, Cc-request@strategicnetworks.com, maillist@promotionfactory.net, Questions@LowestPricing.biz, Ce message a été considéré comme indésirable , Questions@wat.xbst.biz, APMSD MMS Notifier, info@musicworld.com, ecartis@isc.org, enable@hydroqual.com, or no-more-spam@dont-you-dare-send-it-here.com


There are a species of things called SPAM-BOTS which go around on the Web looking for e-mail addresses. They go from one site to another and explore around all the pages on all the sites looking for e-mail addresses. They don't care, they just hunt out e-mail addresses, and when they find an e-mail address they harvest it. Like this: joe.muggins@bogus.con - see! Harvested! So now Joe Muggins will be on the list to receive SPAM ! Loads of spam in fact, about all kinds of stuff. Some good, some bad, and some that's disgusting, indiscriminately marketed, and containing lies about it being "permission-based" or "subscribed to an opt-in list". We don't like that, especially as this site has thousands of pages and quite a lot of them had e-mail addresses on; so have set traps for such spam-bots. Joe Muggins, for example, is not a real address and so when the grim harvester comes along a'harvesting all the e-mail address on this page, it will end up with a very poor yield. There's only one REAL address on this page, and that's the one with "actual-email2" at the start. That's for you people to use! You've got enough common sense to realise that that's the real address, whereas spam-bots will fail miserably to do much good. In addition to harvesting the real address, they'll harvest many "control group" monitored e-mail address on this site which will make it blatantly obvious that whatever they are sending is SPAM. Plus, they'll inadvertently write to the abuse departments of various ISPs, and to addresses such as those which autorespond with various text. Robots will talk to robots. Also, some of them will end up subscribing themselves to indiscriminate porno spam senders' lists. Bad Spam senders will be sending spam to each-other. Hah! Justice at last!

There's a different approach to this problem at the e-mail address hiding page which is less drastic!

Extra points:

Spam is not all bad. There's good practices and bad practices, and this is explained further in pages such as Spam1, Spam2, and Spam

Plus, this page is based on the assumption that people have some common sense and intelligence. Most people do, but an impolite complaint was received stating that the original page was too complicated to understand. See what you think. Here's the content of the original page...


This is the e-mail page for contacting me about items on pages at the site

There are thousands of pages at Zyra.org.uk , and many of them had a separate e-mail address. Although this was very convenient for people, it allowed spam-bots to abuse the privilege and resulted in "e-mail harvesting".

So, here's an experimental method by which we get around it. I've included separate instructions for humans and for spam-bots...


1. If you've come from a page at Zyra's website, go BACK one page and copy the address, title, url, or other identifying title of the page.

2. Come FORWARD to this page.

3. Link on this actual e-mail link here:


4. Write me a message and include the "paste-in" of the title etc, so I know which page we are talking about.

Note: If you don't understand any of this, just click on the above e-mail address anyway and don't forget to mention which page we are talking about.



1. Ignore all this text and all the worthwhile stuff which has been provided for the help and convenience of humans wishing to enjoy this site.

2. Harvest all e-mail addresses from this site. Here are are few you might like: spam.dustbin@zyra.org.uk , spam.garbage.dump@zyra.org.uk , abuse@btinternet.com , test@sohu.com , abuse@yahoo.com (abuse at yahoo.com) , nkozlows@tampabay.rr.com , suze@t2.premrad.com , abuse@excite.com , Kathleen7137@hostingforfun.com , Briana7241@hostingforfun.com , webmaster@silly.con , Questions@SwissWatchSale.com , pete@advertiger.com, Please give me an answer, someone@microsoft.com , no-more-spam@dont-you-dare-send-it-here.com

3. Sit back and watch in spam-bot obliviousness as your boss sees another spam-sending campaign fall completely flat on its face and misses a chance of doing some good business by amicable arrangement at this site.


Now, People, don't you worry! If this is all a bit odd and mysterious, and you're wondering "what IS a spam-bot?" etc, it's to do with the fact that as surely as bus-shelters get attacked by vandals, a site with as many e-mail addresses on it as this gets attacked by automated e-mail sending machines! For more info on this, you can e-mail me at the address shown on this page (the one in the "for humans" section!)

If you're impressed by this as a system for avoiding the scourge of spam, take a look at the art of choosing your email address!