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Newspapers Remembered
Historic Newspapers from the date of your choice

Historic Newspapers"Newspapers Remembered supply genuine original archive Newspapers (not copies) from the date of your choice, from archives that go back over a hundred years. These original Newspapers make the perfect gift to commemorate someone's Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Christening, Retirement or other special occasion. All Newspapers come in presentation Gift packaging and with a personalised Certificate of Authenticity".

It's a clever idea, being able to buy an old newspaper from the day that was someone's birthday all those years ago. If you could go back in time to the exact day when they were born, you could just buy a newspaper which would be "today's" paper,Historic Newspapers and then you'd be able to present them with a piece of history made on the day they were born!

Time travel being not the easiest of ways to get someone a birthday present, a good alternative is to buy a valuable antique paper that someone has kept for years and years. It just so happens that this has been done. That's where Newspapers Remembered comes into its own. Copies of The Times, from times past, are available as a special presentation.

"A genuine original archive Newspaper (not a copy) from a date of your choice. The perfect gift idea to commemorate someone's Birthday, Wedding Anniversary or other Special Occasion. Newspapers Are Real! Certificate of Authenticity is supplied with all newspapers". The Times and other UK broadsheets are available from up to a hundred years ago. American newspapers are available too.Historic Newspapers

Newspapers Remembered is the largest online retailer of gift newspapers in the UK. "These newspapers are seen as a very special gift, because they have a very personal resonance for the recipient - their birthday or wedding day. We personalise these Gifts still further with a Certificate of Authenticity, which our customers can personalise with the recipient's name, the occasion and a message".

It's worth remembering that these papers were printed a long time ago and are not just "old newspapers", and are more akin to "priceless antiques", and of course someone has had to keep them for a long time. Maybe the person you are buying this for has aged gracefully too! The value of a newspaper from long ago is considerable from a point of view of antiquity, but also it's got a special interestingness to it, being from that particular day in history.

"A fantastic opportunity to re-live those times from a special day of your choice. These are precious and rare archives of a bygone age which can be shared and reserved for future generations".

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