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OpiStat is a company in the business of surveys of Internet usage. They'd like to know what you think, and will reward you! In the words of OpiStat themselves say: "OpiStat is a European Research Institute whose goal is to understand consumer needs and opinions better. OpiStat measures Internet usage anonymously and surveys participants according to their profiles and online habits. Participants in the survey program are rewarded with incentives. This commitment to long-term research enables us to provide an accurate representation of the continuously evolving Internet landscape. Those who register with the OpiStat Program are offered an award winning anti-virus software free, Norman Virus Control, which includes free continuous updates and e-mail support (with a retail value of 41 !)"

Well I think that sounds quite interesting. If you'd like to find out more...

This is Where the Link was To Go Directly To The Place!

http://www.opistat.com affiliate program did good mainly too! We hope they will start a new program soon. In the meantime... bunged up