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Optics is the science of light. Here are a few vaguely optically-related items which you can actually see at this site.

Light related:

Picture of a rainbow

Speed of light


Light on octaves 40 and 41 of the electromagnetic spectrum keyboard

Green Flash

The Glow Company

Black Drop Effect - initially an anomaly seen when observing a transit of Venus

Sight and vision related:

Opticians and Eye Doctors

Objects visible from space

Other light perception include:

Alternative S.A.D. box

Optical instruments:


Telescope shops

Visual things include:




Photo gallery

Also note that the term "optics" also refers to special fluid dispensing valves to accurately measure doses of whisky, vodka, gin, and other spirit as served in a pub. You can get these from Bar Fly. But these won't help you to see straight. For that you might be better to visit the opticians