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Otherland Toys

Otherland Toys sets out to find the most innovative and hard-to-get products. Lines of toys including: slot cars, hi-tech gadgets, outdoor gadgets,Otherland Toys kitsch collectibles, cyber A.I robots, mini shooters, radio-controlled off-roaders, radio-controlled helicopters, boats and other watercraft, R/C Cars, airplanes and airships, innovative clockwork toys, spacehoppers, movie monsters, and things which are hard to find a category for.

They say "We want to provide the customer with the best and safest online shoppingOtherland Toys experience, with a range of products that excite, manufactured to a high standard, and delivered quickly to your door.Otherland Toys Our quality control ensures that all our products are inspected for quality and comply with CE safety standards. Our Company is committed to good customer service...."

...and "In the space of only 3 years, Otherlandtoys has established itself as one of the UK's well respected online retailers"

You can buy flying machines and walking spiders, inflatable swimming pools, Robot Wars lookalikes, and you don't need a gun licence to own a Lord of the Rings licensed sword! (Find out more about Lord of the Rings merchandise here)

To get a better idea of what is available at Otherland Toys, here is a direct link to the actual site...


http://www.otherlandtoys.co.uk independent affiliate program

Otherland Toys also boasts independent LINUX servers


Innovative Gadgets, Games, Gifts & Hi-Tech

"Hoverfly is a great little helicopter. It comes attractively finished and
ready to fly. It's small, tough and quiet - and it flies indoors. Yet it
handles just like its bigger brothers"