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Online Designer Menswear Fashion Store

Otoko.co.uk is described as the UK's leading Designer Menswear store. Otoko UK is a clothes shop and has well-known designer brands in stock and can deliver next day within the UK.

In the words of Otoko: "Otoko.co.uk is the UK's leading Designer Menswear 'clicks-and-mortar' store. Otoko is an official stockist of over 35 of the most sought after designer brands such as Wale Adeyemi, Moschino, Etienne Ozeki, Replay. Otoko has exclusive online agreements with many of these design houses. Otoko prides itself on its customer service. We offer a full gift service, Next Day Delivery, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Price Promise Guarantee. Otoko has featured regularly in the fashion press and has been recommended by FHM, Maxim and Loaded Magazines".

OtokoPlus, in black-on-black text, more of the leading brands are mentioned, brands such as Moschino, Stone Island (S.I.), Evisu, Hugo Boss, Armani, Gucci, Versace, Emporio, Giorgio, Calvin Klein (CK), Dolce & Gabbana (D & G), Emeraldio Zegna, Valentino, Lacoste, Hacket, Coca-Cola Ware, Iceberg, and many more.

The symbol Otoko is the Japanese Kanji character which represents the Japanese word "Otoko", which means "man". Associated Japanese phrases: "Otokonoko" (boy), and "Yuki Otoko" (abominable snowman)! Yuki=Snow ... also see Yuki Tokyo

We're also keen to hear some websites saying that Otoko have a motto which is: "keeping customers at the forefront of fashion". Menswear historically has got a lot of catching up to do, so if we take Otoko at their word on this we can expect to see Otoko included on the page of skirts for men, although no news has been found on this. Part of the problem is currently (2004/02) the Otoko website, which has problems on some systems. Still, you don't want to hear me ranting on about AnyBrowser Compatibility. Much better to have a look at the Otoko website for yourself and see if you can see any designer menswear.OtokoOtoko

This Is Where The Link Was!
Temporarily missing; may soon return. In the meantime see

http://www.otoko.co.uk () affiliate program seems to have gone (2004/08).

As an affiliate, I was pleased to hear "Otoko actively seeks to develop long-term relationships with all its affiliate partners". This is always a good sign. But now, only six months later, Gone! I don't call that long term. But, let's not be too quick to make an assumption. Maybe the affiliate program has moved to somewhere else. If you know where, please e-mail me. Let's hope a new arrangement can be set up soon. Meanwhile, there are other Fashion places at this site.

Update 2011: Still no news. However, the range of Fashion here has continued to expand.