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The London Palladium - not to be confused with anything else called "Palladium"

London Palladium

A grand theatre, famous worldwide, known as The London Palladium is in Argyll Street, London W1, and the phone number is +44 (0) 207 494 5020

To buy tickets, see The London Theatre Direct and UK Theatre Tickets

As I have no info yet of an official site of the London Palladium, here are a few links at various helpful places...

Covent Garden page of the London Palladium - was http://www.covent-garden.co.uk/Theatres/Individualtheatres/Palladium/Palladium.html - gone ... but a witty 404 error message if you type it in!

Britannia.com page of the London Palladium - was http://www.britannia.com/travel/top/palladium.html

Seating plan at London Theatre.co.uk

There was a link to Openseats but that's gone, as far as we know.