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Pamper Cake

Let us make one thing perfectly clear - the cakes at Pamper Cake are non-edible! Which is a shame really, as they all look good enough to eat!

Pamper Cake:

"PamperCakes is the UK's leading Pamper & Nappy Cake site and makes gift giving a piece of cake! with these non edible cakes, personalised gifts and gift sets.

We offer unique quality gifts for all occasions including baby, birthday, anniversary & weddings.

Nappy Cakes are PamperCakes biggest seller, they provide the ultimate memorable gift for a newborn baby, baby shower, christening, naming ceremony, maternity leave gift, pregnancy announcement and any excuse to surprise any mother with a young baby.

The non edible cake is created using quality disposable nappies stacked into a shape of a cake, they are then decorated with a selection of must have babywear items, soft toys and innovative gifts.

PamperCakes birthday, valentines, wedding cakes are made using luxury towels and are packed with items related to the event.

Each gift is beautifully wrapped and sent with a handwritten message, and delivered for just 3.95. The quality and presentation is impeccable".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Pamper Cake

http://www.pampercake.co.uk/ affiliate program is with Paid On Results