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Papa Digital Image

About Papa Digital Images

Papa Digimage the master in photo restoration, is an international network of photo labs, artists and specialists who have worked together to restore the memories of many satisfied customers. A family-owned and operated business, we have been providing high-quality digital photo restoration since 1998.

What We Do

In a nutshell, the skilled photo restoration artists at Papa Digimage work diligently and painstakingly to return old, worn, torn or damaged photographs to their original condition. With our cutting-edge digital system, we can restore an image's original "sparkle and personality," add color to black-and-white images, change the background in a photograph, and even add or remove people!

World-Class Work, World-Class Satisfaction

At Papa Digimage, our goal is to provide the finest workmanship in photo restoration to customers all over the world. Our commitment to consistent quality is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are constantly working to improve our technology and attention to detail, with the focus on not just satisfying but delighting our customers.

Contact: Madhu M Mundrathi at papa_digimage@rediffmail.com

Before and After

Before and After