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Paramount, the well-known movie company, is linked-to from this page. Here's the link:

(That site has an entirely unnecessary ActiveX problem (2002/09) and so isn't visible on some computers and Internet TVs)

As well as being the makers of Star Trek, they're also the creators of a great many spectacular movies. You can tell it's Paramount when a picture of a blue mountain comes up at the beginning. This is sometimes adorned with stars, and occasionally a symbolic DVD disc.

People wonder if the Paramount mountain represents any real mountain in the geographical world, and if so, where the Paramount mountain is. Well it's not Mount Everest, and it's not The Matterhorn, and as you look at more and more mountains you can see which ones it's not. However, no-one has yet found a mountain that looks EXACTLY like the symbol of Paramount, and it's currently suspected that the artist who painted the picture created an Artist's Impression of a mountain based on a variety of mountains in a particularly mountainous region of the USA.