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Paragon - a term referring to a flawless diamond

Paragon - Paragon SDC - Space Development Corporation

Paragon - Paragon Publishing - was

Paragon - Paragon Industrial - Kilns and furnaces

Paragon - Paragon Books

Paragon - Paragon Vision - optics

Paragon - Paragon House - publishers

Paragon - Paragon Verlag Hannover

Paragon - Paragon Digital Image Processing - was

Paragon - Paragon Fuzhou - trade/ecology/design China
With Java time-telling Watch! - was

Paragon (was - Paragon Investments



The original word Paragon is defined as "A model of Excellence". This can apply to a lot of different lines of business, so it is not surprising there are a large number of companies called Paragon.

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