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Paramount - Paramount Film Company - world famous giant of the movie business

Paramount Zone - Paramount Zone Gadget Shop Online

Paramount Services - Printed Circuit Board (PCB) repairs and industrial maintenance: "We specialise in repairs of Printed circuit board (PCB) & industrial electronics repair, repairs to all types of shipping navigation equipment. We provide free of charge quotation & fast economic repair of printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in all forms of industrial equipment controls including: production equipment, cnc controls, robotics, injection moulding, food processing equipment, temperature controls, inverters, motor speed controllers, power supplies, building & management services, lift controls, escalator controls, air conditioning, plant, tannoys & radio equipment, oil extraction, shipping & storage, alarm controls, drives, safety equipment, other electronic equipment, avionics, barcode scanners, calibration equipment, pcb assembly, banking systems, displays, ups servo system telephone equipment, etc" - was

Paramount Finance - Leasing for big projects where equipment leasing is important


The original word PARAMOUNT is defined as "SUPREME, SUPERIOR", and in common parlance appears as "...of paramount importance" etc.

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