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Parcel Friend

Parcel Friend

UK & EU Parcel Delivery Services

Get it delivered quicker and cheaper with Parcel Friend. They use a range of courier delivery services, so that they get the best deal for your package.

Parcel Friend:

"Here at ParcelFriend.com, we have a wide range of 24hr Parcel Delivery courier services to offer our customers. We have a UK & EU parcel delivery service.

We are pleased with our ongoing parcel delivery next day delivery service we have offered so far and we are always working hard to getting the best competitive price possible.

Our UK parcel delivery service covers 95% of the UK and we will collect / deliver your parcel via a next day delivery service. Our European (EU) parcel delivery courier service has five zones.

Our EU zone 1 service covers parcel delivery to Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland with a transit time of 1-2days.

EU zone 2 service covers parcel delivery to Austria, Denmark, Switzerland with a transit time of 3 days.

EU zone 3 service covers parcel delivery to Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Spain with a transit time of 4 days.

EU zone 4 service covers parcel delivery to Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania with a transit time of 5 days.

EU zone 5 service covers parcel delivery to Bulgaria, Tunisia, Turkey with transit time from 5 to 7 days.

We use ParcelForce, DHL, CityLink or Interlink which courier we use depends on the weight, size, volume and service type chosen, our automated 24hr courier booking system will choose which parcel delivery service to choose".

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Parcel Friend

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