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LoudSpeakers not what they should be...

Do not believe what speakers are quoted as, especially if they are small plastic boxes marked "100 watts" or "250 watts" etc!

A proper pair of 100 watt speakers are typically as big as a fridges and if you powered them up in a built-up area you would expect comments from as much as a quarter of a mile away.

On a computer, it is often best to lop off the little speakers and use them as fashion-accessories, and instead to wire up a pair of hi-fi speakers of the type found on a 1970s music centre. (see how to do this). These sound much better, especially on the bass response. But don't take my word for it, try it! A good test sound is available on the page about smashing a 26in colour tv tube. This should sound BIG , so if it doesn't, it might be worth using a radiogram or other bygone equipment.

Also, in the back windows of snazzy go-faster stripe cars you can sometimes see speakers with the power rating in big letters so as to impress those who are behind them in the traffic. It's worth considering that if they really were 100 watts for example, then Ohms Law would require at twelve volts the bellwire linking the amplifier to the car battery to carry about EIGHT AMPS.

Also see more information on How to connect a pair of hi-fi speakers to a computer