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Feeding Time for the
Penguins at London Zoo
...except that the Seagulls get most of the fish!


Who knows what penguins think? Maybe the Penguins in London Zoo think that the weather is not too cold, even though it is the UK. However, looking at this scene, you can see something which is curious. This is the Penguin enclosure, where the main attraction is penguins, and where it is penguins that are supposed to be fed. However, the predominant species seen is: seagulls!

The piratical seagulls also have the advantage that they can fly, which means they can arrive into the penguin enclosure, grab the fish that's supposed to be for the penguins, and then fly off.

Evidently it used to be even more problematical. The zookeepers would feed the penguins at a regular time which was known in advance, and the seagulls had learned when that time was, and so they would be there at that time! So, to avoid this problem, feeding time for the penguins has been changed to be "at a random time".Linux Penguin That way, seagulls don't know what time to turn up.

Even despite that, you can see penguin feeding time still attracts gulls! They must be hanging around locally on the offchance that there will be food. There is an air of injustice in it; it reminds me of a problem of Linux not being taken up as much as it should be, despite the fact that it's the better operating system.

Photo taken at London Zoo, where you can see penguins for yourself.