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Pharmacy Fix

Take a look at Pharmacy Fix and you'll soon see you can save a small fortune on medication. The prices are very competitive and we all need to save money where we can.

Pharmacy Fix:

Pharmacyfix provides information only and is not a substitute for professional medical help. Please ensure that you carefully read the information leaflets provided with your medication.

You should always seek help from your local doctor if you are currently being treated for any conditions and you should always inform your doctor of any medication you are taking.

We offer treatments for:

health, acne, medicine, beauty, pregnancy, vitamins, cosmetics, condoms, pain relief, stress, healthcare, baldness, supplements, constipation, allergies, migraine, worms, incontinence, sleep disorders

If you feel that you require further help please consult your local pharmacist or contact our pharmacists on 08700 348 858".

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Pharmacy Fix

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